Secure Online

New Patient Registration ...

Our secure and HIPAA compliant online system allows your patients to complete and electronically sign all of your Practice's New Patient Registration Forms through their computer, tablet, or smartphone – simply while visiting your website!

The Fully Customized & Productive Practice Solution

Your New Patient Registration Forms are as unique as your practice! That is why Secured Care™ is customized around your needs - no pre-made form templates! Imagine how your practice will grow and thrive when becoming a new patient is an easy, efficient, and hassle-free process!

A few other key benefits to consider ...


Quality Assurance

An efficient and cost-effective paperless office begins with an error-free paperless chart. Secured Care™ ensures a more neat and accurate form completion process.


Save Time & Money

Reduce or eliminate manual data entry, save time assisting patients, reduce costs of printing and storing paper charts - all while keeping records in one secure place.


HIPAA Compliant

Our Secured Care™ solution is fully encrypted and HIPAA Compliant. All Protected Health Information (PHI) is securely transmitted and retrieved.


New Patient Friendly

Patients can pre-register from home, work, or on-the-go! No arriving early or printing paperwork required. Make becoming a new patient easy, simple & secure!


E-Sign & File Upload

Patients can e-sign their online registration forms and securely upload their ID and insurance card(s) from their own computer, tablet or smartphone!


Easy Integration

Secured Care™ integrates with most Practice Management Software and can be plugged in to your website within minutes. No web host access required.

Better for Patients & Practices

Our system is a winning solution for both the patient and their provider. We’ve outlined just a few key advantages ...


Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

Patients are simply more likely to enjoy their first visit to your practice when they can pre-register as a new patient and experience less stress on appointment day!


Simple Online Process

Our Secured Care™ solution enables your patients to go to your website and then complete all required New Patient Registration Forms in a simple, step-by-step online process.


Liability Protection

Identity theft is a serious crime and there is nothing secure about having multiple staff members handle paper forms containing sensitive information. Our HIPAA Compliant system was built for secure data transmission and retrieval.


Increase Profitability

No more having to come 30 minutes early or print out paper forms! Greater convenience will attract more new patients and reduce missed appointments. Saving on overhead costs and making your staff more efficient are also great for increasing profitability!


Updates & Changes

Change is good and we make it simple! No worries if you need to change your New Patient Registration form fields, add a new disclosure, or require a new signature field. Simply make the request and we’ll take care of the rest. Most updates & changes are completed the same business day!

Medicis Marketing

A Solid, Secure & Business-Minded Solution Brought To You By Medicis Marketing

As an industry-leading provider of medical websites and online solutions exclusively for the medical industry, your practice can be assured that the Secured Care™ solution by Medicis Marketing was built for reliability, performance and sustained profitability.


The Physicians we work with asked for a New Patient Registration process that was simple, secure, and online based. We have delivered, and they are THRILLED with the results!